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When thinking about creating a website and planning the web design, attention should be paid to each minute detail of your web design to make sure it performs optimally. As well as keeping file sizes down, there are a several things that you should consider to ensure that it serves its purpose in the greatest way possible. Below are just a few ways that will ensure your website performs well.

1. Clean and simple navigation.

We all know that there is nothing more frustrating to a user than not knowing where they are on a site or how to get back to the page they were viewing 5 pages ago!! When first thinking of your web design; it is a good idea to map your navigation out from the beginning of the project. Make it straightforward and simple to the point where a young child could use and understand it. Avoid using complicated drop downs or flash menus and always be aware of the 3 click rule. This means that wherever your visitor is on your site they should be able to navigate to any other page on the site within 3 clicks. (There are exceptions to this rule but it is always a good idea to keep this in mind) If you confuse your visitors with your navigation they will leave your site and probably won’t come back!

2. Ensure that the user can identify where they are at all times.

This ties in with the navigation aspect. When a visitor is viewing your web site and has navigated several pages you want to ensure that they know where they are within your site because, as previously mentioned, they may wish to revisit the page. Make it as easy for them as possible to figure out where they are. Any kind of confusion and people tend to get impatient leading to them leaving your site.

3. Avoid using Splash Pages

Although splash pages can sometimes serve a purpose it is always best to avoid using them within your web design. Splash pages are normally the first page that you see and have an image or moving text saying “Enter Here” or something similar. They serve no real purpose except to create an extra click for your user and search engines don’t tend to value them at all. Be up front with what you do or you want to say and always present it on the first page people will see to ensure maximum exposure.

4. Be cautious of using audio files.

Audio can be annoying to some visitors if used in the wrong way. If a visitor stays browsing your web site for more than a few minutes make sure they are not forced to listen to a looping piece of audio! If you are going to insist that audio is used and it adds some value to your site make sure that it can be turned down or even muted at any point in the visit.

5. Try and avoid banner advertisements.

Even the less experienced user has learnt to block out banner advertisements on a web site. If you are thinking of incorporating advertising within your web design try to be more subtle about it. Good content with appropriate affiliate links is, in most cases, far more affective than a full length banner. If you feel that it is necessary, keep banners to a minimum and incorporate a rotation system.

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